Privacy Policy on Personal Data


1 The data controller

Responsibility for the processing of personal data (PD) is ensured by  


Rue des Sept Collines,

4052 Beaufays – Belgium


registered at the Banque Carrefour des Entreprises under No. BE 0825 195 727.

2 The processing of your personal data (PD)

Respecting your privacy is a priority for us. We are aware of and pay attention to your right to be informed about the way data is processed and the information likely to identify you personally, such as your surname, your first name, your address, your date of birth, telephone numbers, email address, etc.  

All these items of information are set out below under the collective heading of  “PD” for “Personal Data”. This Privacy Policy explains to you the way we use the items of data as well as the measures we take to ensure their confidentiality and security.

The PD to which we have access is likely to be collected in two ways. Either you have provided it to us directly when exchanging information either verbally or in writing or possibly when visiting our website, or else we have obtained it by restricted access to authentic public sources.  

This “Personal Data Privacy Policy” is your guarantee that your PD is collected and processed in full compliance with Belgian legislation currently in force, particularly the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 relating to the protection of personal data in respect of the procedures involved in processing PD, as well as EU Regulation 2016/679 which took effect from 25 May 2018.

3 The purposes of processing your data

Our Company collects and processes your PD solely for specific and limited purposes to provide optimum communication strictly limited to our commercial and professional relations or those with public authorities.

4 Retention period of your data

Our Company retains your PD only for the time reasonably necessary for the purposes to be achieved and in accordance with legal requirements.  

5 Communication, security and confidentiality of your data

Some of your data can be transmitted to our agents or our subcontractors, acting in our name or on our behalf for the purpose of processing operations in accordance with the purposes for which the data has been collected, such as, for example, keeping you informed of our activities, the delivery of goods or our innovations.  

We assure you that the subcontractors guarantee the same level of personal data protection which the Company imposes on itself and requires a contractual guarantee that its subcontractors will process your data exclusively for the purposes authorised with the requisite discretion and security.

6 Right of access, rectification and opposition

We make a point of letting you stay in control of your PD. That is why you can at any time, by a simple request by email, assert your rights under the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 relating to personal data protection and EU Regulation 2016/679 (from the time of its application on 25 May 2018) to ask for a rectification (Art. 16), deletion (Art. 17), limitation of processing (Art. 18), portability (Art. 20), opposition (Art. 21), not to be the subject of automated profiling (Art. 22).

7 Transfer of your data abroad

We never transfer your data outside the European Union to a country not ensuring an adequate level of protection of your PD, within the meaning of the law of 8 December 1992 relating to the protection of personal data as regards the processing of such data as well as to EU Regulation 2016/679 from its application on 25 May 2018.

8 Sending advertising

We do not currently use your PD for adverting purposes.

You might receive emails from our Company to provide you with information on our products, services or upcoming events (for direct marketing purposes) on condition that you have expressly consented to this or that you are already a client with us and have given us your email address.  IF you no longer wish to receive such emails, contact us at 

9 Use of "Cookies”

Cookies are small data files which are automatically recorded on your computer’s disk when you visit a site and which include a unique identification number. These cookies provide simpler access to the site as well as navigation and provide increased speed and efficiency when using the latter. They can also be used to fine-tune the site in accordance with your personal preferences. Cookies also make it possible to analyse the use of a site to identify and eliminate any problems.

The configuration of most navigators allows you to accept or refuse cookies and to notify you each time a cookie is being used. It is then up to you to refuse these cookies although that can be detrimental to optimum navigation and the functionality of the services on the site. You can consult your navigator’s Help function for more information.

All the cookies allocated are automatically deleted at the end of a session.

On the site the cookies determining the choice(s) of language(s) are not automatically deleted.

Furthermore, any use you make of our services can be logged.

This means that the following data can be collected:

- the IP address allocated to you at the time of connecting;

- the dates and times of accessing the services;

- the pages possibly consulted over a certain time;

- the navigator possibly used;

- the platform and/or the operating system installed in your computer;

- the search engine and the keywords used to find the service site;

- the files downloaded;

- the choice of language;

- the site you reached us through.

This data will be processed only to know the number of users of the different sections of the services and to improve the content of the services.

It will never be used for profiling purposes.

10 Hypertext links to other internet sites 

Our internet site may contain hypertext links to other sites which are neither operated nor controlled by us. We cannot be held responsible for either the content or the personal data protection measures applied by the managers of these sites.  

However, if it had emerged that one of the latter was no longer conforming to the confidentiality standards of this Personal Data Privacy Policy, we undertake to delete the hypertext link to that site immediately.   

11 Amendment to this Personal Data Privacy Policy

Apart from new legal and mandatory provisions, we will make no amendment such as would reduce the level of protection of your rights and as guaranteed by this Personal Data Privacy Policy. 

The latest updated version of this Personal Data Privacy Policy can be consulted on our website or in the GDPR folder in our offices.



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